This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.


  • XLSPriceCalculator Demo XLSPriceCalculator Demo

    Curtains example. You can try to change options of the product in order to see how product price changes dynamically according to an excel spreadsheet formula. Download the excel used to configure the calculator. Configured using custom options (dropdowns and text fields), and several excel formulas like index or match.

  • XLSPriceCalculator Demo XLSPriceCalculator Demo

    Business card example. Business card printing options include comboboxes, radiobuttons and checkboxes, and each combination, together with the quantity to be ordered, affects the final price. Download the excel used to configure the calculator in charge of performing all calculations dynamically.

  • InfoShop Demo InfoShop Demo

    InfoShop view Includes shops catalog to have an overview of all your stores, with its actual state (opened/closed), localization (map and routes), calendar, links and open hours....

  • InfoShop Demo InfoShop Demo

    InfoShop Store view: Detailed page with all store information, including optional contact form

  • SliderInput Demo SliderInput Demo

    Product view: With custom fields transformed to slider inputs.

  • Product Advisor Demo Product Advisor Demo

    Example flow: Product advisor that will guide users to their more suitable surf board products.