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Countries Filter

This is a Filter module related to Countries list. You can use this module instead of list filter.

Compare Module

This Compare module can be used with Card and Shop type. Just drag cards from Free List and drop into this module.

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This is an example of some common features of List Manager. With this list you can order, filter, select number of rows, export PDF and CSV filtered data, export PDF and CSV all data, send list to a friend and make a global search. But, all record info is not shown at the main list, click on detail button on each row to see all data inside a modal window.
This example is only for view (See configuration in backend), to add, edit or delete records, check the example below.



Free editable list

This is a free editable list in Card type, you can add, edit, delete records, etc... and also use the compare

پروژه ها

جهت مشاهده پروژه کد رهگیری را وارد نمایید